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"Sapphire Splash"


An original watercolour painting featuring a beautiful kingfisher exploding from the water below in a burst of color, its wings a blur as it propels itself skyward.” 


In some cultures, the kingfisher's vibrant colors and association with water connect it to serenity and calmness. Since kingfishers often perch on branches overhanging water, some cultures see them as symbols of rebirth and new beginnings.




Painted with watercolours on 300gsm smooth watercolour paper (image itself 8.5x11.5 in) with soft subtle metallic splashes.




Beautifully framed with a slim pretty silvering bamboo moulding and accent double mounted to complement the blues in the painting. Outer size of the frame, 12.25 x 15.25 inches.


Glazed with Art Glass. A superior anti reflective glass that filters up to 70% of UV rays.



If you have any questions please do get in contact!



Payment options:


Paypal is an accepted payment method - which includes Buy now and pay later with Pay in 3. You can split your purchase into three interest-free payments, with no set up fees or charges. For full product terms, check Paypals T&Cs page.

“Sapphire Splash” Framed original kingfisher watercolour

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