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Hi! I'm Louise!


Artist and Creative Designer of LillyPea Designs, based in rural West Berkshire, right next to where the “Bake Off,” is filmed.


I’ve been a creative bod since day dot. My grandparents popped a brush and set of watercolours in front of me… and off I went! My colourful and creative journey began.


I typically work with watercolours, however lately I have been experimenting more by adding touches of bright vibrant acrylics. Whether a canvas is large or small, I find my inspiration from nature, animals, marine life, flowers and the elements that surround. It grounds me, fills me with calm, especially now everything is so fast paced.


I love to create beautiful washes of explosive and invigorating watercolour, often bolder than nature itself; it excites me and perhaps where my style creeps in, evoking emotion and mood to the onlooker. Flowers become more alive, bee’s so much fluffier, oceans deeper and darker just by utilising big splashes, expressive splatters and brush marks.


My objective is to give that feeling of mystical, magical awe, especially with my whales and bees! Similar to that emotion and excited tingle you had when you were told as a child, “There are fairies at the bottom of the garden!”


Generally I have a clear idea of how a painting will progress, the colours and composition, but often it takes a very different route, (unless I am producing a painting for a client with specific requirements). But generally, I go with the flow, painting many stages, each a reaction to the next, bringing the painting to life.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my website. If you have any questions, or like to speak to me about commissions, please do get in contact - I’m always excited to hear your ideas!

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